What if you could magically find a taco deal while driving nearby a taco shop? How about if you could use your smartphone to earn punch card punches? Maybe you prefer to save money while earning points shopping online at great national retailers. You can do this and much more with Yoohoo.

Rack Up The Points

Whether you’re using our website to find deals on disco balls, or using our smartphone app to find dance lessons nearby, you’ll earn Yoohoo Points. Hungry? Order food – earn points.  Bored? Find and event – earn points.  Savvy shopper? Submit a deal – and you guessed it, earn points.  Are you starting to see the pattern here?  

Yoohoo offers a fun and entertaining way to save money, shop local and yes, earn points.  What can you do will all your points?  Spend them in the Yoohoo Store of course.  We scour the planet to find great deals on high quality name brand items that are a steal on their own. When you pay part or all of your purchase with earned Yoohoo Points well, that just teeters on highway robbery. And did we mention that you’ll also score more points when you shop our store? You probably guessed that by now.

  • Earn YP 2.50 Yoohoo Points Just for Registering!
  • Earn 10% In Yoohoo Points When You Shop Our Store – unlimited
  • Earn Yoohoo Points When You Shop Online Retailers – varies / unlimited
  • Earn YP .05 Yoohoo Points When You Leave A Like For Deals and other Content – limited
  • Earn YP .75 Yoohoo Points When You Submit A New Deal – limited
  • Earn YP .05 Yoohoo Points When You Someone Likes Your Deal – unlimited
  • Earn YP .25 Yoohoo Points Every Time You Order Food From Local Restaurants  – unlimited
  • Earn YP .25 Yoohoo Points  Every Time You Make A Reservation – unlimited
  • Earn Points When You Redeem Local Offers  – varies
  • Earn Yoohoo Points When You Purchase Local Event Tickets  – unlimited
  • Earn Yoohoo Points When You Purchase Yoohoo Group Deals – unlimited
  • Earn Yoohoo Points When Visiting Theme Parks & Playing Games  – varies
  • Earn YP .10 Sharing deals on Social Media – limited
  • Earn YP .05 Yoohoo Points For Referrals That Visit Our Site – limited
  • Earn YP .50 Yoohoo Points For Leaving Merchant Reviews – limited
  • Earn YP .50 Yoohoo Points For Referring Friends That Join Us – unlimited
  • Earn YP 2.50 Points For Downloading The Free Yoohoo App & Completing Profile.
  • Earn Yoohoo Points For Using Our App for check-in’s, viewing menus and more – varies

Get The Free Yoohoo App

digital punch card

Forget paper punch cards that get lost or left home. Bring them where ever you go.

Local deals

Get instantly notified when you are near a local business with a deal or discount available.

Order Food

Order food from your favorite local restaurants and make real-time reservations.

offer map

You can either stumble across local deals and discounts or view nearby offers on a map.

save your favs

Discovered a great offer but on the way to work? Pin and save it to view & use after quitting time.

mobile coupons

What if you could get a coupon for burritos when driving near a burrito shop? Mind-blown.

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