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  • 10 Ways To Celebrate National Coffee Day

      National Coffee Day is almost here! How will you celebrate this popular caffeinated beverage on National Coffee Day on September 29th, 2018? Here are ten  fun coffee-festive ideas for you: Check out which local independent

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    Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day?

    Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day? … Of course, we are thankful for a day off and a fun time barbecuing with our friends and family, but let us not forget why we celebrate Memorial

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    10 Ways to Celebrate Mom

    Make or take her out to brunch or dinner. For all she has done, she deserves a special meal.   Help her favorite charity or an organization that helps a mother in need– time, items

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    14 Ways To Cut Down on Household Expenses

    Household expenses can be such a chore. They can also deplete your bank account and leave you deflated. Here are some ideas on how you can save money on those pesky household expenses and have

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    Freedom is Not Free. Thank a Veteran.

    Freedom is Never Free. Happy Veteran’s Day. The United States Military and their sacrifices keep our country safe and allows us to have the freedoms we have. Thank our U.S.Military . Here are some ways

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    Fall Décor : Inside, Outside, and All Over

    Fall Decor : Inside, Outside, and All Over The cool breezes are rolling in…leaves are changing colors…and the smell of pumpkin spice lattes are in the air…yes, Fall is Here! You know what that means…Autumn

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    Backpacks – Back To School Edition

    Backpacks,backpacks everywhere! What kind of backpack connoisseur are you? Do you like the traditional Jansport college pack? Or are you the Michael Kors designer type? Do you play sports or carry a bunch of techy

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