Digital Loyalty Programs Made Easy.

Yoohoo Digital Punch Cards and Loyalty Points Programs are easy to launch and use.

1998 called. 
It wants the paper cards back.

Here in the future, we use this new fangled tech called smartphones for just about everything.  Including earning stamps and points from our favorite local merchants, like yours.  Start offering a Digital Punch Card today for just $15 a month plus $1.50 when a reward is redeemed (unlimited cards and stamping).

Way better than paper.

Get your customers coming back more often to earn rewards. Every time they visit your shop they’re on their way to hitting the loyalty program goal.

Paper cards get lost, laundered or worse, left home. Your card lives in the Wallet section of every Yoohoo app user’s phone ready to go.

As they walk in to your shop, they’ll automatically receive a notification reminder to get stamped.  Tapping on it opens the card ready to be used.

Super simple & secure.

Our cards are secure from fraudulent stamping and reward redeeming. A staff member enters a PIN code to both issue punches or points and to authorize award redeeming. Can your flimsy paper card do that?
No hardware or POS system intergration needed.  However, you can utilize your bar codes or QR codes to scan earned rewards.
You can decide how long until they earn again (next day? next week?) and whether or not the program resets so they can start earning stamps all over again.

Simple plans to fit every budget.


$15 Month + $1.50 Redemption Fee


No Credit Card Processing Fees



$25 Month + $1.50 Order Fee


Credit Card Processing Fees Separate


Included with Yoohoo Venues

The Digital Punch Card is service is part of the Yoohoo Loyalty & Rewards plan which includes mobile coupons, punch cards, walk-in mobile content, in-app notifications and much more. 
Walk-In Alerts allows automatic delivery of content and more to Yoohoo mobile app users when they are in close proximity of your business location.
This fee can be passed to customer as your service at checkout/booking if desired.  Change plan anytime.
*For online food orders, merchant account fees (typically 2.9% +.30) are not included and paid separately to your service provider.  You will need a free Stripe or PayPal or account to utilize online payments. 

What kind of sorcery is this?
Schedule a free demo and find out.

To schedule a free no obligation demo of the service please complete the form below.  We recommend that you download and install our free app for either Apple or Android prior to the demo.

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